It's a one-off

It's a one-off

April 08, 2021

Less is More
Too often customers are corralled into purchasing MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) of shirts. That's because screen printing takes a lot of prep: art separation, making the screen, loading and matching registration marks, mixing the colors, etc.. The result is endless set-up fees, costing $45 for one shirt with a three color print. 

Designed For You
At By Jack, we're different. Everything we do is digital. We print to order, with no upfront costs and no MOQs. Our whole production line was designed with the customers' needs in mind, with a flexibility to print 5 items or 500. We love telling customers they don't need to  bulk pre-order products or hit a specific quantity in order to get the best price.

At What Cost?
Below is a top-line price breakdown. All of these items are full color and for printing one-off prints.

Tee (1 Print Location) $20
Tee (2 Print Location) $27.50

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