It's a One Off

It's a One Off

April 08, 2021

Serve The Customer
We built this company to help people. There have been many times in business lows when I thought we should just sell because "selling is the most important thing" but really, it isn't, helping people is. What I mean by this is making sure people make the right choice when it comes to buying what they ACTUALLY need.

Less is More
Too often customers are corralled into purchasing MOQ's (Minimum Order Quantities) of shirts, and there is a reason for this. Screen printing is an artform, it takes a lot to get to the actual printing stage: Art separation, making the screen, loading and matching registration marks, mixing the colors. This is what brings in the endless set-up fees, price breaks, with the inevitable result of a screen printer telling you it will cost $45 for one shirt with a three color print. 

Designed For You
At By Jack we are a little different, everything we do is digital, in fact we have a whole arm of our company where we print to order every day (check out our Official Merch) Our whole production line was designed with the customers needs in mind. I love getting to tell customers they don't need to hit any numbers in order to get the best price for them.

At What Cost?
Here is a price breakdown of what it costs for some items. all of these items are full color and for printing one of one.

Tee (1 Print Location) $20
Tee (2 Print Location) $27.50

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