For Better or For Worse? We Choose Better.

May 08, 2017

For Better or Worse? We choose better.

For most people in their 20s, at least a couple Saturdays a year, or even a season, will be blocked out for a friend or relative's wedding. The piled up save the dates, magnets pinning the folded invite to your refrigerator. After your first few weddings, you may think you can look and see who will throw the best party, which one will be a  snoozefest and which one is bound to have a horrible DJ or a cash bar.  You may question: How do I make this fun? Well, lucky for you, we’ve done our research. And, yeah, that goes beyond watching Wedding Crashers on repeat.

We’ve concluded after intense research, there are 3 kinds of weddings:  those we love, those don’t, and those we love to hate. The secret is to move all three into the first category.

Congrats, someone cares about you enough to invite you to the most important day of their life! This free party for you, cost them a ton- so you are there to make them feel great.  So, if the DJ’s nickname is Mark the Shark or the signature wedding cocktail has no tequila in it and only Koolaid-  suck it up and make the best of it with these tips.

  • Put a Name on It
  • Personalized gifts tend to be the most memorable. Yes, cash is always amazing. Or something off the registry. But want to stand out in a world full of Bed Bath & Beyond white and purple wrapped gift boxes? Make them something. We’ve got you covered here.

  • Mind the Gap
  • Most weddings have at least a couple hours between the ceremony and the reception (Also: Don’t be the jerk who skips the ceremony and goes only to the reception without a legitimate non-alcohol-related reason for doing so). This is your opportunity to have fun.

    Do some Internet detective work before getting to the church for a watering hole near the reception venue. If you’re not rolling with a crew, use the ceremony to identify the fun guests. Spoiler: It’s not the idiots with the laser pointer. When you get to the bar, pace yourself. Don’t show up to the reception a) drunk or b) full. You may want to pass on the pulled pork nachos since you’re about to eat an entire meal, and you’re wearing tight pants.

  • Belly Up
  • Chances are you know the person who invited you to this wedding. Think about them. Do they like to drink? More importantly, does their family like to drink? If so, you just hopped aboard the good ship Open Bar enroute to Good Times Island. If not, you'll want to bring that little silver lifeboat, the flask. Lucky for you, ByJack has you covered here.

    There are two kinds of people at dry weddings. One kind is the swaggering, often sweaty person who swills from their flask with misplaced showmanship. This person is a blossoming alcoholic. The others discreetly add the contents of their flask to fizzy non-alcoholic drinks. Be one of these people. Whiskey goes with ginger ale, gin goes with club soda and lime, vodka goes with lemonade.

  • Jump Around
  • Lucky for you, at a wedding it becomes very apparent, that no one knows how to dance. Those ballroom dancing classes are useless once the Cha Cha Slide comes on. So, you’re in good company. Combine boozy confidence with dance moves you’ve picked up at other weddings and you’ve got a perfect recipe for some top of the line wedding dance skills.

    After college there is a sharp decline in acceptable dancing places and lucky for you, weddings are the time to dance. So swallow your pride and lean into that song. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough at a wedding of a different religion than yours to experience some other dance moves. My favorite wedding to this day was getting to do the Hava Nagila at a friends wedding, spinning around the dance floor with my whisky spilling everywhere, surrounded by happy, smiling people hammering the floorboards and having a great time.

    Early in the evening, make friends with the DJ. Tell him what a great job he’s doing, that the dinner interlude complemented the prime rib and steamed vegetables perfectly. He will remember you when, two hours later, you push a damp cocktail napkin with the words “YOU ROCK! HOUSE OF PAIN – JUMP AROUND?” into his hand.

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