For the Record

For the Record

October 19, 2016

When we take vinyl as a audio media, there is something about it that appeals to all of the senses and not just our hearing. The feel of the vinyl in our hands, the smell of the piles of cardboard sleeves, the sight of the artwork and how that holds a memory for years and years to come.

Enjoyment is a component of a life well lived. Or so we like to think at ByJack. We’re not philosophers but we do believe in working hard to create something, and a life you enjoy. We rid ourselves of things that we don’t enjoy or strive to make them, or ourselves better in the process.  There is the eternal question; what makes something fun versus meaningful? How can we spend more time where these two things cross?

A simple answer is community. A community we create for ourselves. At ByJack, our small community has strong ties to music. A bad metaphor for sure, but one that holds true. Time spent with others and good music and maybe even a good drink is a sure answer to a life well lived.

Before Steve Jobs revolutionized our worlds in his black turtleneck, with our music at our fingertips, in a tiny box we kept in our pocket, there was a better way to listen to music. A way without edits, or losses to the work.The way these artists intended to be heard.  There’s something magical about holding a vinyl in your hands, reading the back of the cardboard holder, the breathy pause at the anticipation of the needle hitting the vinyl and it begins to play.

Vintage albums seem to hold a story. The worn edges of the cardboard holder, the stains on the back, the quality of the sound that can still bring goosebumps. Overplayed vinyls are filled with faded white lines on the well loved track.

We think vinyl is here to stay. Not a passing fad but a timeless classic.  Steve Jobs, who owned the ability to compress digital files and offer them to the masses, didn’t plug into his Ipod, but instead listened to vinyl. We’re here to seek a balance between the two: the old world and the new.

Our studio is filled with sounds of Foo Fighters and  The Carnaby’s off of one of our many Spotify playlists and drinks and serious work meetings held near jukeboxes and local musicians. Our studio, our community, is never silent. We’re surrounded by sound. And that, is a life well lived.

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