Unplugged By Jack: Irene Allen

Unplugged By Jack: Irene Allen

April 26, 2017

A voice that can stop you in your tracks, Irene Allen is as St. Louis as they get when it comes to the music scene.

Born in Memphis, music was in her bones it seems. Allen's earliest memories are of music. In her words, her parents loved music with the passion of people who do not play. But they had really good taste in music.

Allen has so much passion behind her words, her eyes lighting up as she stirs sugar into her coffee. 

Foam, the coffee house bar on Cherokee is slowly filling with people and sounds as the light gets darker outside, it begins to light up inside. Irene barely seems to notice, regaling us with tales of growing up in St. Louis, moving into Soulard and never leaving.

Allen has seen the music scene in St. Louis, watching it ebb and flow, and as she says, paving the way for young musicians now. The boys from Brother Lee filter in, one by one, to have their own meeting, all stopping to speak with Irene.

She may not be only focused on making money but she has absolutely made a name for herself.

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