Unplugged By Jack : May Edition

May 24, 2017

You know what they say- third time is a a charm.


We're so excited to present our third #UnpluggedByJack: May Edition.

Unplugged has been a whirlwind and an incredible experience. We've met some amazing musicians, seen firsthand how incredible the music scene in St. Louis truly is, and fallen in love with the fact that #stlisamusictown.


This month's unplugged features Dana Michael Anderson, Cree Rider and Zack Sloan.  These talented musicians will take to the Gaslight Studio on Thursday May 25th. Each performing 3-4 original songs followed by a cover, we're now excited to not only feature these musicians through our store but with our new partnership with Media Outlaws, we're excited to show you some incredible music videos as well!


April and March Unplugged By Jack have been incredible shows. We're so excited to see how truly different this third edition can be.  If you know of a musician you'd love to see featured, email us at unplugged@byjack.com

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