Where are they now: Unplugged March Edition

Where are they now: Unplugged March Edition

April 17, 2017

If you missed Unplugged By Jack: March Edition, you missed an amazing night. A night filled with friends and drink and laughter and most of all music. We made some new friends and appreciate the old, but we thank all of you.

So, what was the point of this whole thing, you may be asking yourself.

Well here’s the down and dirty of it- we want you to unplug. Unplug from your phone. Unplug from your screen and see what it’s like to watch musicians record. We want you to unplug from your day. We want the musicians to unplug from their sound and show the root, the guts, of who they are as an artist.

But most of all, we want to bring the music to you. And we can. Here’s how you can relive the night. Go to soundcloud and listen to the whole show all over again.

What have they been doing since Unplugged:

Brother Lee and the Leather Jackals- You only saw Josh Eaker at Unplugged but if you knew what was good for you, you made it out to the Ready Room to see them on April 8th for their album release.

Brother Lee has been killing it on the St. Louis scene, playing shows at the Livery, Vintage Vinyl and making the most of a Tuesday night at the Sinkhole.

Check them out here.

The Maness Brothers-  While Jake and David played Unplugged acoustic, they brought a whole different game to their Record Release Party this past weekend, as well as talents from across the midwest and even Canada. With a true American work ethic, The Maness Brothers are on their way to the top. It helps they had some incredibly cool records from Romanus Records- with custom designs and local support, the record release show was a huge hit.  Keep an eye out for these guys, as we think they’re doing big things.

Check them out here.

Chris Slone- Chris Slone is part of By Jack’s roots. Powered by his plentiful talents, Slone has been charming the crowds across Southern Illinois, but we don’t think he’ll be gone for long. Slone made his St. Louis debut at Gaslight, and gained a few new fans.

Check him out here.

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