Cara Louise Band

Cara Louise Band was founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 2013. Frontwoman, Cara Louise Wegener, is a Midwestern-based singer songwriter. Her backing band is comprised of Adam Donald (guitar, steel), Simon Chervitz (bass), Sean Kamery (violin), Scotti Iman (drums), and Caroline Steinkamp (vocals).

CLB approaches an alternative country style infusing the familiarity of classic country riffs and vocal strength with contemporary spatial subtleties and rock and roll. “Fire’s Out” the band’s first LP, hosts their innovative charm in an eclectic collection of tracks. The full length album touches on love, loss and existentialism; questioning the world at large and celebrating small moments of pleasure. With songs like “What’s Life?” and title track “Fire’s Out,” the album wavers from their classic-country inspired debut EP “To Be Dead Is to Be Known.”
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